Online Course How To Make Better Testimonial Films For Your Church

Do you want to make authentic, compelling documentary films for your church?

Maybe you’ve got the video announcements down to a science and you’re even making some rad sermon series promos, but what happens when you need to make a testimonial film to play in front of the whole congregation?

When that Sunday comes there’s going to be a sanctuary full of people that are either glued to the screen or bored out of their minds by the :30 second mark of your film.  If that task sounds daunting or if you just have a strong desire to tell better stories and make better documentary films, this 4-week online course is for you.


Right now I’m wrapping up the new, updated curriculum, but if you’re interested in taking the course, sign up below and I’ll notify you when enrollment for Spring 2017 opens up.

Last term I had over 100 church filmmakers from across the country (and the world) sign up for the course and for this term I am going to be limiting the number of students significantly so I can go much deeper with each student.

If you sign up below you will get an opportunity to grab your spot before I open up the course to the public.

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